What Our Clients Say

I got in touch with Ross after he was highly recommended to me by a previous client. I was thrilled when he agreed to do my new website and I can honestly say that his hard work, dedication and creativity surpassed even my wildest expectations! As someone who has very limited knowledge of computers and technology, my list of pedantic requests throughout the process must have tested the patience of a saint, but Ross could not have been any more understanding. His ability to accommodate my suggestions whilst gently advising me on how to improve them means that I now have a website which I absolutely love!

As a musician himself, Ross instinctively knows the requirements of his clients. For me, this meant that no time was wasted ascertaining what I wanted to achieve and we were always on the same wavelength, making him a joy to work with. Above everything else though, it was Ross’s incredible work ethic and commitment to achieving each of my goals that has left me feeling so positive about my website.

I would not hesitate in recommending Ross, as web designers go I think you would struggle to find better.

- Kristan Harvey

I knew from the start that I wanted Ross to design my website. Having seen examples of his work in the past and knowing the level at which he works, I knew there was no one else I wanted for the job. I was not disappointed. Ross managed to produce a fantastic website for me in a very short space of time and of very high quality, despite no doubt having plenty of other clients to see to.Ross is dedicated and professional; he is passionate about what he does and it shows through his hard work. I can’t praise, thank or recommend him enough. He has completely exceeded expectations in every way which I didn’t think was possible given that I had rather high expectations in the first place! I am 100% happy with the service he has provided, and will certainly be referring him to other musicians in the future.

- Rebecca Orr

Ross has been nothing but professional throughout the process of overhauling our website.  There have been technical obstacles which he has dealt with swiftly and has a knack of taking the initiative when necessary and allowing us to have our input too.

Ross’ efficient, positive, and practical responses to all of our emails have made him a pleasure to work with. He has worked the extra mile on our website, attaining information we have forgotten to give him as well as allowing for our every pedantic request. He has done a first class job for us here.

There is no doubt that he has a dedicated work ethic and is passionate about music, which meant we were speaking the same language and we feel that he simply wants to create the best quality of website and working relationship possible. We would certainly recommend Electric Kiwi to anyone.

- Gillian Fleetwood & Fraya Thomsen (The Duplets)

Ross went above and beyond what I expected as a web designer. He created exactly what I had envisioned for my business  website. The best part of the process was that he let me in every step of the way. I felt included. Not only that, Ross knows his stuff when it comes to design and backend work! IMPRESSED!!

- Greg Halpen (Singer Success)

Ross is one of the best business partners I’ve ever found. He is proactive, hardworking (and willing to expand his business), committed and absolutely respectful of client needs.

He is one of the few people I know I can trust for getting things done the way I want, without spending my time give instructions to avoid mistakes. He has a deep knowledge of everything connected to digital processes, social networking, website designing and digital communication. For these reasons he knows exactly how to help getting the right exposure for the client using efficiently everything the digital world can offer.

- Giulia Bigi