What Our Clients Say

Electric Kiwi built my small business a great website that really helps current and potential clients get a good feel for my company. I have been very happy with the customer service and the attention to detail – Ross followed up with me directly to ensure I was satisfied throughout the process. I highly recommend Electric Kiwi for your website needs.

- Frank Mason, CEO of Mason Security Protective Services

Ross did a great job redesigning my site, advised on the look, technical options, his communication throughout each stage of the process was helpful, informative and easy to follow. I have no hesitation in recommending.

- Vinny Peculiar

Electric Kiwi provide an absolutely fantastic service. I’m delighted that I chose Ross for our website. He is a great designer, provides incredibly attentive and comprehensive service throughout the process, and is a thoroughly nice person to work with. Highly recommended!

- Sam Stennett, The Schmoozenbergs

Amazing team of people led by Ross Barber-Smith – Electric Kiwi is a great website and graphic design company. They created my website adhering closely to my spec providing useful suggestions to aid in functionality across all devices. Electric Kiwi care about the end product as much as the client. A wonderful group of people to work with. Highly recommended.

- Kennedy

They say with any given project, there is an ‘unattainable triangle’. This triangle is made up of quality, speed and price and it is often recommended that you “Pick two”. Ross is a magician because he allowed us to pick all three. He is an incredible communicator with a “touch it once” mentality, meaning when you ask that something is done, it is done immediately thereafter. I would highly recommend Ross to any musician in need of web design with no hesitation. Thank you Ross!

- DG Mayne, CANVAS

I can’t possibly do this review justice but here it goes. I recently started working with an artist on a campaign, for which Ross was building the artist site for. I was immediately impressed with his communications and response in general. Ross is an incredibility empathetic and skilled person and I will be referring ALL artists in need of a website to him going forward. 1. Million. Stars.

- Christopher Carvalho (Manager for Elisabeth Elektra)

Working with Ross was a fun and professional experience. It was clear from the start and throughout our contract that he knew what he was doing, but more importantly cared about our end product as if he himself were a part of our band. I would highly recommend him for any and all web design work!

- Brian Taelor (Guitarist, Eugene Levy)

I’m so pleased with what Ross has created for me, it’s brilliant! He’s great to work with, very friendly, efficient, a great communicator and happy to keep going until the end product is 100% perfect. Thanks Ross, excellent work!

- Digby Jones

Ross was so fast, efficient and personable. He listened to my own ideas and merged them with his instinct for design. A true collaborator. Thank you!!

- Thomas Payne

Words can hardly describe how utterly amazing it has been, to work with Ross at Electric Kiwi, but I’ll try.:)

For the past few years, I had wanted a site that represented my brand, and the various ways I show up in the world, including music, live event performance, coaching, and consulting…Before working with Ross, I found, even thinking about the new site, totally overwhelming and intimidating.

From day one, Ross laid my concerns to rest, and with his calm, confident nature guided me through every step of the website creation, and frankly brand-creation, process.

Ross possesses an extremely rare set of talents and character traits which make him priceless to any musician looking to build a world-class
site, including:

* World-class understanding of design.

* Amazing ability to really listen, at times provide options while explaining the difference of those options.

* A-Plus leadership ability.

* Superior technical knowledge of the very best, cutting edge music-related widgets and plugins related to showcasing your music, live events, and social media connections.

* An easy-going calmness, which was especially appreciated when site changes were required, (which is a part of any creative design process).

* Amazing work ethic, and fast responsiveness to questions.

In summary, if you are a musician looking to build a world-class website with a world-class human being, the best favor you could do for yourself is to work with Ross Barber-Smith and Electric Kiwi.

My infinite thanks, Ross!

Chris Chickering

- Chris Chickering