What Our Clients Say

Ross is a complete delight to work with! Not only is he exceptional at WordPress but he understands creative vision, delivers on time, and for under any budget you could possibly imagine. I will hire him again and again. Highly recommend.

- Ariel Hyatt (Review You)

Ross has been extremely prompt, reliable and creative when it came to being my website designer. It was very important to me to have the most professional and sophisticated website and he continued to deliver the best advice and ideas. He went out of his way to explain and provide extras to make my website perfect and he understands what musicians/singers need to advertise and show. I couldn’t recommend Ross enough and with his competitive rates he has far exceeded expectations.

- Claudia Myles

My old mate and marketing guru Andy Cairns was kicking my arse as usual, telling me the website I did myself was useless. I was quite annoyed seeing I did it myself on iWeb on my little Macbook, but no, he insisted it was of no use if I wanted to develop my online business!

To make matters worse, he informed me I should look at my other old mate Andy Gunn’s site, and that his was much more in the pocket. Ironically, Andy and I are currently recording his new album, so my feathers were well and truly ruffled, but I couldn’t hold my curiosity, so I sneaked over there for a wee deek, I have to admit, it was very cool!

So I phone up Andy Gunn to ask who he used? He tells me the designer was Ross Barber at Electric Kiwi, and since passing on Ross’ email, the past week has been an absolute dream!

Yes you heard right! One week! I put Ross in touch with Andy Cairns and things simply began to happen on a rapid ratio!

And the communication was so cool! I mean Andy is like a 1920’s New York Press officer with no patience whatsoever; he wants things the day before yesterday! But the first thing I noticed was how happy he was working alongside Ross on the site.

And two days ago my site was launched, within one week of intense activity, but always a serenity coming from Ross steadying the ship, there was no problem that came up that got near to phasing him, and he went way beyond the call of duty in order to help us all the way through the process! A true professional!

Our new site fully integrates with Bandcamp, Facebook & Twitter, I have different sections like live dates and press  which in WordPress are just so easy to operate, even a ‘Mailchimp’ could do it!?

Ross Barber: The best investment I have made this year without a doubt. Electric Kiwi can do it!

- Martin Stephenson

When we were looking for a web designer, we came across Electric Kiwi and were immediately impressed by the quality of the work that had been done for other musicians’ websites. Ross certainly matched these expectations and moved beyond them to create a unique, but very stylish and functional website for our band. He was a pleasure to work with and we have received so many great comments about our new site. Thanks again!

- Alistair Paterson (Barluath)

Working with Ross has been fantastic from day one. His technical skills are tremendous and “it can’t be done” is never an option: he will go way past his own belief to find a way. We worked via Skype and he was always on time and way ahead of me.

Ross will spend hours (of his own time) on the smallest details and has a profound reverence for perfection and functionality. His work ethics are fantastic and his efforts consistent. What sets him apart is the blend of how much he knows and how much he clearly loves doing what he does.

This world will run on good vibes and Electric Kiwi has plenty to give!

Only one problem: he works with other musicians too and so now I have to go write some bad-ass songs because I’m not the only one with a great website! :)

- Ray Tarantino