What Our Clients Say

I knew from the start that I wanted Ross to design my website. Having seen examples of his work in the past and knowing the level at which he works, I knew there was no one else I wanted for the job. I was not disappointed. Ross managed to produce a fantastic website for me in a very short space of time and of very high quality, despite no doubt having plenty of other clients to see to.Ross is dedicated and professional; he is passionate about what he does and it shows through his hard work. I can’t praise, thank or recommend him enough. He has completely exceeded expectations in every way which I didn’t think was possible given that I had rather high expectations in the first place! I am 100% happy with the service he has provided, and will certainly be referring him to other musicians in the future.

- Rebecca Orr

Ross has been nothing but professional throughout the process of overhauling our website.  There have been technical obstacles which he has dealt with swiftly and has a knack of taking the initiative when necessary and allowing us to have our input too.

Ross’ efficient, positive, and practical responses to all of our emails have made him a pleasure to work with. He has worked the extra mile on our website, attaining information we have forgotten to give him as well as allowing for our every pedantic request. He has done a first class job for us here.

There is no doubt that he has a dedicated work ethic and is passionate about music, which meant we were speaking the same language and we feel that he simply wants to create the best quality of website and working relationship possible. We would certainly recommend Electric Kiwi to anyone.

- Gillian Fleetwood & Fraya Thomsen (The Duplets)

Ross went above and beyond what I expected as a web designer. He created exactly what I had envisioned for my business  website. The best part of the process was that he let me in every step of the way. I felt included. Not only that, Ross knows his stuff when it comes to design and backend work! IMPRESSED!!

- Greg Halpen (Singer Success)

Ross is one of the best business partners I’ve ever found. He is proactive, hardworking (and willing to expand his business), committed and absolutely respectful of client needs.

He is one of the few people I know I can trust for getting things done the way I want, without spending my time give instructions to avoid mistakes. He has a deep knowledge of everything connected to digital processes, social networking, website designing and digital communication. For these reasons he knows exactly how to help getting the right exposure for the client using efficiently everything the digital world can offer.

- Giulia Bigi

Ross is a wonderfully talented web designer, and I can’t say enough about his excellent work throughout the process of creating the website. From the beginning, he listened to ideas, providing advice and support, with the final result being exactly what I had envisaged, and more. He was great with making changes when needed, working above and beyond for creating an online showcase of my work.

Ross is passionate about what he does, and this shows through his hard work. He provides rapid, helpful and practical replies to every email, and his beautiful, unique designs are both modern and slick. I have absolutely no doubt he can accommodate to any suggestion clients throw at him.

With his consistent professionalism and creative eye, you can tell Ross wants to create the best quality of work for any client. I am 100% confident in recommending his work to anyone!

- Pamela Raith

Scandal Theatre would be nowhere without Ross’s contributions. He not only designed our logo and website, but also advised us every step of the way on developing an online presence and promoting our show via social media. The Translator’s Dilemma had an audience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer largely because of his hard work and expertise.I can’t recommend Ross highly enough. In fact, I’ve already recommended him to two artists who needed a web designer, and will continue to do so. He’s the first person I’ll be calling to promote my next show, just as soon as I’ve finished writing it!

- Jessica Phillippi (Scandal Theatre)

I’ve known Ross for a long time, and I knew that he was a dedicated and professional worker. When I enquired about the possibility of a website from him the speed and quantity of his replies still caught me by surprise.

Ross was right there from the start, providing me with expert advice, solutions and ‘must do’ snippets. I thought I knew a little bit about what I was trying to do but Ross quickly smashed my illusions as he talked with authority and passion about the site, social networks and graphic design. He worked very fast, took all suggestions on board and improved on them, and pointed me in the right direction for many things.

I am utterly confident that Ross could help anyone, be they musician, teacher, promoter or anything else. He’s the perfect professional, but that doesn’t mean his humour and personal touch should go unnoticed.

I can’t give him enough praise and thanks, and I highly, highly recommend his work!

- Harry Clapham (Guitar Glasgow)

My experience with Ross has been nothing but positive, and I hope to work with Ross for a very long time.

His SEO expertise brought my Alexa ranking back under 500,000, after it had dropped to 1.3 million.

He completely redesigned my website in a matter of days, implementing all of the changes I requested, and adding other features I hadn’t even thought of.

I really can’t say enough, and feel 100% confident recommending Ross. I know he will deliver. He certainly delivered for me, and went above and beyond my expectations. His work ethic rivals my own. And that’s a tough thing to get me to say!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you,

- Terra Naomi

Ross Barber represents creativity, talent, professionalism, and excellence to a degree that is rarely found in one person. Working with Ross is simply a sheer pleasure… He “Gets it.” If he understood me…he will understand you. I love his work and my website!No matter what realm your talent exists in, Ross will be able to create the perfect vehicle for you to be seen and heard. He also has the talent to drive traffic your way. So what are you waiting for? Don’t walk…Run to Ross Barber and enjoy his creative genius.

- Mimi Becker, Ph.D (Mimi's Muses)

By working with a five-member band, Ross took on the difficult task of designing a website that would have to be viewed and revised multiple times. Not only did Ross eagerly live up to our expectations, but he surpassed them as well. His designs were both sleek and modern, and he  was able to accommodate every suggestion the band had, down to every  single detail. Further, Ross has always been available for assistance with content and helping us get comfortable with the process of managing  the website on our own. Above all else, Ross’ friendly and personable attitude makes him a pleasure to work with.

We are fortunate to have been able to work with Ross and Electric Kiwi.  In the end we were designed an amazing website that we are all 100%  happy with. Ross’ turnaround time was incredible, which is a testament  to his hard work and dedication. We have already referred several other bands and promotion companies to Ross, and will continue to do so into the future.

- Mike Bennet (The Tragedy of Mariam)