Music and the Internet: Promoting an Artist Online

by Ross Barber

I’m currently working with singer songwriter, Terra Naomi on some online promotion before the release of her new album. Terra already has a fairly strong web presence, particularly on YouTube and that is in fact, how I first heard of her.

She posted recently on Twitter that she was looking for someone to help her out with online promotion and I immediately jumped at the chance. How often does a chance like this come along?

I have to admit though, I was a little curious as I thought given that she has quite a substantial number of Twitter followers and fans on Facebook that her website would also be ranking pretty highly on search engines.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case – and this was one thing Terra advised she was a little concerned about. While having a following on social media websites is incredibly useful, it doesn’t have as big an impact on your search engine rankings as many would hope. Because of this, a lot of SEO work needs to be done – and I’m not talking specifically about Terra’s website here – this goes for any musician or band who has a website but has neglected the SEO side for whatever reason.

Make sure you choose your keywords wisely and optimise your website content for your chosen phrases and terms. If you require any assistance with this, feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you’re looking for in more detail.

Also, do check out Terra’s music – she truly is a very talented individual and I’m looking forward to working with her further on her project. Hopefully I can expand her fanbase even further as there is no doubt that she deserves it.

We’re looking at working on other forms of promotion also, so there will be more news about that as it comes.

2 responses to “Music and the Internet: Promoting an Artist Online”

  1. @rosstav says:

    Hi Ross,

    Cograts on getting the ewbsite up and moving. Its looking good.

    Being in a band myself I know what you are getting at with the online promotion. What I find is that 99% of the bands out there are to lazy/lack the knowledge to get themselves reconised on the web.

    A little research would go a long way for them.

    • Ross says:

      Hey Ross

      Thanks for your comment. I think you’re right about the research. There is so much information available online and no shortage of resources. It can all be quite time consuming which is where I’m hoping I can help bands and artists who don’t have the time to invest in starting or maintaining their online marketing campaigns.

      Spread the word :)

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