Design and Marketing for Bands and Musicians

There are few pleasures quite like the feeling of creating something.

As an artist, you can focus on making the compelling music that moves fans, while we build your brand on a digital canvas. You love what you do, and we love showcasing what you do to the world. Now let’s begin exploring the creative possibilities…

Web Design

For minimalists, we can create simple yet aesthetically polished landing pages, to welcome site visitors and efficiently redirect them to your social media accounts. You’ll have a clear online presence that emphasizes your commitment to connecting with fans via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, SoundCloud and all other emerging platforms.

For more elaborate goals, we can develop custom WordPress websites to maximize your online presence with a wide array of specialty features for optimal user engagement. From conception to completion, we’ll identify how to effectively bring your creative visions to life – from social media widgets, to content hosting, blog integration, event calendars, photo galleries and more.

No matter the scope of the project, our approach to web design is grounded in a commitment to creative excellence, a thorough understanding of SEO best practices, and the idea that every client’s site should be as unique as they are as artists.

Beyond design, we’ll help you with acquiring a site domain and securing web hosting, as well as serving as guides to show you how to efficiently manage your site.

In the end, what matters most to us are results and customer satisfaction. So when you contact us or review testimonials from our previous clients, you can be assured that we’re dedicated to making the web design process a great experience for you.

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Graphic Design

Don’t just sound incredible, look it too.

At Electric Kiwi we understand the importance of digital and print marketing collateral when it comes to artist promotions. From the posters and flyers that highlight upcoming shows, to the eye-catching ad banners that help new fans discover you – visually we’ll make the difference.

Our team uses both traditional and emerging technology to craft incredible artwork for our clients. So whether your design vision is classical, contemporary or progressive, we are certain to deliver the style you’re looking for.

Contact us today to discuss flyers, posters, album art, business cards, ad banners, logos and more.

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Social Media Design & DEVELOPMENT

Social Media has changed the landscape of the music industry, putting the power into the hands of artists, along with the responsibility to cultivate their own career growth. With approximately 1 in 4 people worldwide utilizing social networks to communicate, the potential is greater than ever for artists to reach fans and share their music globally – with both speed and efficiency.

At Electric Kiwi, we’ve been ahead of this trend when it comes to online and mobile marketing. We recognize the importance of social media development, and offer design and consulting services to solidify and expand our clients’ presence online.

We’re giving musicians, bands and artists professional looks within the digital space; to better market themselves to fans and media, increase followers and forge their career growth. Connect with us to discuss our Facebook and Twitter design services.
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