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Kirkby is a pop/house singer/songwriter based in Luton, UK. Kirkby contacted Electric Kiwi as he was looking to get a website designed in conjunction with the release of his debut single, “The Way She.”

The website is responsive in design, and features an integrated music player which plays across the entire site. The site uses WordPress as a content management system so that Kirkby can add news posts, press dates, and tracks at any time.

We’re both happy with the results, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens for Kirkby when his debut EP drops soon!

what they say

What can I say? Ross @ Electric Kiwi has been like my fairy godfather. He has been there start to finish, even working weekends to make sure my website was perfect. I am thrilled with the result. He has given me the professional artist feel I wanted and needed, at a fraction of the cost others quoted me. Not only that but he actually cares. He's worth every penny and I think you'd struggle to find someone so attentive and creative for the price he charges. I'd have no problem recommending anybody to him. He's my new go to website guy!

- Kirkby

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