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Harry Clapham approached me as he had just moved to Glasgow and wanted to set up a website where he could promote his guitar tuition services. We met for a coffee and a chat so I could find out what he was looking to get out of his website and if he had any ideas for a design.

We talked at length about how the website should look, how to use social media and how important SEO would be in the discovery of the website. I suggested that Harry also implement a blog as this would provide a personal side to the website alongside the business side, and also pointed out the potential SEO benefits of having a blog as it provides regularly updated content.

The website came together quickly and Harry is happy with the results. Awesome!

what they say

I've known Ross for a long time, and I knew that he was a dedicated and professional worker. When I enquired about the possibility of a website from him the speed and quantity of his replies still caught me by surprise. Ross was right there from the start, providing me with expert advice, solutions and 'must do' snippets. I thought I knew a little bit about what I was trying to do but Ross quickly smashed my illusions as he talked with authority and passion about the site, social networks and graphic design. He worked very fast, took all suggestions on board and improved on them, and pointed me in the right direction for many things. I am utterly confident that Ross could help anyone, be they musician, teacher, promoter or anything else. He's the perfect professional, but that doesn't mean his humour and personal touch should go unnoticed. I can't give him enough praise and thanks, and I highly, highly recommend his work!

- Harry Clapham, Guitar Glasgow

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