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The Blackheart Orchestra

The Blackheart Orchestra
Ethereal Multi-Instrumentalist Duo
The Blackheart Orchestra - Website Design by Electric Kiwi

Blackheart Orchestra is officially the smallest orchestra in the world. Two people playing 13 instruments between them, Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington perform in what has been described as a ‘musical space station’ of instruments including guitar, bass, percussion, mandola, piano, organ, omnichord and their collection of vintage synthesisers.

After over 1000 concerts and 3 albums they’ve played everywhere from Southampton to Sydney including London’s Palladium and Royal Albert Hall while piling up achievements from a nomination for the Progressive Music Limelight Award, Best British Duo, #4 Best New British Band, and #10 Most Important Rock Event of 2020.

The Blackheart Orchestra

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In the current culture when everyone from one man bands to huge corporations seem to want to get away with the least work for the most profit it’s unusual to find a company that exceeds your expectations. Especially when your expectations are extremely high to start with! Electric Kiwi and boss/owner Ross Barber-Smith did just that. We already had a great looking website but it needed refreshment and a new look for the release of a new album. We contacted Ross and from the first contact he was super professional, a pleasure to deal with as well as being super fast. Our new site looks terrific and is down to his great design, attention to detail and the fantastic features that he suggested to build in to make the site more efficient and a better experience for the visitor. In addition, all the briefing, building, checking and every part of the process was done via email and phone without us ever meeting – that alone is testament to his great communication skills and accurate understanding of a client’s needs in a job that could so easily become a technological and creative nightmare. I cannot recommend Electric Kiwi any higher, take a look at our site at theblackheartorchestra.com and then call Electric Kiwi.

- Chrissy Mostyn & RIck Pilkington, The Blackheart Orchestra

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