Premiere – Midnight Sountrack’s “Why I Never”

by Ross Barber-Smith

Midnight Soundtrack

Midnight Soundtrack is the electronic rock side project of award-winning singer-songwriter Marcio Novelli. We’ve had a sneaky advance copy of the album, Foreplay, for a couple of months now, and it can be described as an experimental, emotional and sensual exploration of a relationship building and falling apart. We’re excited to premiere “Why I Never” here on Electric Kiwi, and would definitely encourage you to listen to the full album. Here’s what Marcio has to say about the track:

“‘Why I Never’ is the result of betrayal leading to an alternating cycle between fighting and make-up sex.”
– Marcio Novelli

For more about Midnight Soundtrack, and to buy Foreplay now, visit midnightsoundtrack.com

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