Album Artwork for Bands and Musicians

Below is a selection of the album & single artwork projects we've worked on.

If you'd like to discuss a project of your own, we're all ears! Get in touch and we'll make it happen!

Tyler Hilton
Indian Summer [Digital & CD Artwork]

Marcio Novelli
Doctor, Please (Tabuu Remix) [Digital Single Artwork]

Picking Up The Pieces [Digital Single Artwork]

Paisley Fields
Electric Park Ballroom [Vinyl & Digital Artwork]

Jack Eastwood
Castaways [Digital EP Artwork]

Carmen Pascucci
All The Way To Africa [Digital Single Artwork]

Belong EP [Album Artwork]

Tasha Blackmore
High Time [Digital Artwork]

Young [Digital & CD Artwork]

Paisley Fields
Glitter & Sawdust [Digital, CD & Vinyl Artwork]

Ainsley Hamill
Belle of the Ball [EP Cover]

Christine Elise
Take My Breath Away [Digital & CD Artwork]

The Prayer Divines
The Thirst [Digital Artwork]

Christof Catlin & Kaven Giourard
Make This Goodbye A Kiss [Digital Single Artwork]

Pamela Mary
My Gift Was Love [Digital Single Artwork]

Lost Peace [Digital Single Artwork]

Marcio Novelli
The Reimagining Vol. 1 [Digital Artwork]

Frank Famous
High Standards [Digital Artwork]

The Space Between [Digital Artwork]

Leila Hegazy
Maybe If We Try [Digital Artwork]

Tyler Hilton
How Long 'Til I Lose You? [Digital Single Artwork]

Circles In Mind [Digital Artwork]

Christof Catlin
Mama [Digital Artwork]

Adam Clark
Your Own Way [Digital Artwork]

Midnight Soundtrack
Foreplay [Digital Artwork]

Christof Catlin
Still [Digital Artwork]

Harmony [Digital Artwork]

Lust [Digital Artwork]

Cardboard Foxes
Do You Ever? [Digital Artwork]

Tyler Hilton & Kate Voegele
Live In London [CD Artwork]

At Dawn of Day [Digital & CD Artwork]

Frank Famous
Real One [Digital Artwork]

Adam Clark
With You [Digital Artwork]

Painted on Water
Chicago Issue [Digital & CD Artwork]

The Stranger [Digital Single Artwork]

Christof Catlin
Make This Goodbye A Kiss [Digital Artwork]

Plastic Sky
Artifacts [EP Artwork]

Calling Adam
The Year of My Manifestation [Vinyl & Digital Artwork]

Plastic Sky
Street Spirit [Digital Artwork]

Jennifer Harper
All The Love [CD Artwork]

The Way She [Digital Artwork]

Tyler Hilton
One Foot in the Bayou [Digital Artwork]

Kondona [Digital Artwork]

Jennifer Harper
We Belong Together [Digital Artwork]

Rowen Bridler
Lifeboat [CD Artwork]

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